Kyaraben request


Before I started Nagomi Kitchen cooking lesson, I was thinking a lot about the lesson menus.

"What menu will be fun for tourist to experience Japanese cooking during their stay in Japan?" "How can I provide the enjoyable cooking time to them?"

And when I was considering it, I believed that making kyaraben will be a one of fun thing for almost participant because I have enjoyed by myself very much. (To be honest I have never cook kyaraben for a real lunchbox though but I knew taking photos of own creation was really exciting!)

So, I started kyaraben lesson from last year and many participants have already created their own kyaraben.

Nagomi Kitchen cooking lesson

And few days ago, I received a request from guest who booked our kyaraben lesson for end of this month. She want to create different kyaraben. Do you know it?

Actually it was first time for me to receive this kind of request, (in addition I have never seen this character before!) but I tried to make it. How do you think about this kyaraben?

Nagomi Kitchen cooking lesson

I will cook it together with guest on end of March, and will pass the recipe for it.

I love try to make new kyaraben, so if you want to make your favorite character with us, please let me know when you booking.

Of course I want to try but I guess there is some character which is completely impossible to create as kyaraben so I will inform you if I can do that or not after receiving a request!

Note: we no longer conduct Nagomi Kitchen cooking classes but feel free to look for Nagomi Visit hosts who are interested in cooking with you by checking their profile pages. Nagomi Visits are not cooking classes but it will be an enjoyable experience like cooking with a friend.