Meet locals for a real Japanese meal at home

Looking for something interesting to do while you are in Japan? Spice up your culinary adventures in Japan with a Nagomi Visit!

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What happens on a Nagomi Visit?

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Meet your host

Either at 12pm for lunch or 6pm for dinner at a station near your host

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Walk home

Your host will guide you to their home from the station

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Chat and eat at your host's home for about 2 hours

Visit good people all over Japan

200+ hosts are located all over Japan from cities to rural areas. Join Nagomi Visit and meet your host at various areas.

What people are saying about Nagomi Visit

“We enjoyed two Nagomi visits.”

First in Tokyo with a delightful hostess and…our second visit, in Matsumoto was different but equally wonderful. Our two Nagomi visits have been the highlight of our 3 week long Japan trip. I strongly recommend the programme to anyone visiting Japan.

“You must do it!”

We took two programs of Nagomi Visit, one evening we went to a dinner and the next day we took a cooking class. Both activities were the best we had on Tokyo. You finally see a Japanese house, meet a Japanese family and have some time to talk.

“Wonderful experience!”

An unreapetable moment spent with a wonderful family!
It is something different you should do in your travel to Japan. Everything was perfect, the family, the food, the conversation, it was the best thing we did in Japan.

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