Nagomi Visit is on French show Voyage et bonnes manières


We have been surprised by the growing number of documentaries around the world wanting to cover our program.

Among those has been a French show Voyage et bonnes manières, which focuses on travel and manners. You will find us on the Au Japon episode.

Nagomi Visit on French documentary

When first asked to be included in this show, we were worried about the theme of the show being about manners.

We always make it a point that all Nagomi Visit participants should not worry too much about making mistakes when it comes to Japanese table manners. We have actually written about general etiquette tips here.

So when deciding to help with the documentary, instead of focusing on various rules of etiquette, we decided instead to share what it is like when eating at home in Japan.

On the show, we had one of our Tokyo hosts help out so lots of arigatos to their whole family.