Ready to Nagomi Visit? Great!

How To Book

1. Send Request to Find Host

Start by filling out our host request form. This form is the most important step so take your time. Where do you want to Nagomi Visit? When? Who’s coming? Describing in detail who you are to our hosts. Any hobbies? The more personalized details, the better the response. The latest you can send a request is 72 hours before your requested date and time.

2. Receive Host Offers

You will receive email notifications if they are interested in meeting you and available on the dates you suggested. First, read the host profile and see who they are, what they do, where they live. Then get to know your hosts better by responding to their messages.

3. Book within 72 Hours

If you are interested in meeting the host, make sure to book and complete payment within 72 hours. Each offer expires exactly after 72 hours with no extensions. Can’t accept an offer? Not a problem. Decline the offer by sending them a quick message showing your appreciation.

4. Continue Communication with Hosts

Communication is key to an enjoyable Nagomi Visit so continue to chat with the hosts until the day of your Nagomi Visit.