Who are the Nagomi Visit hosts?


The simple answer would be that they are good regular folks just like you from all parts of Japan but by watching this video you can get a glimpse of who you will get to meet through Nagomi Visit.

Our hosts are from all walks of life. Families, friends, and foodies from all over Japan. So many different interests, ages, jobs, and so much more that you name it and you may find it! A person with similar interests or on the contrary, completely different to help you expand your horizons.

Haven't been able to ask people questions about Japan that have been adding up since day one of your trip? Your Nagomi Visit is your chance to clear a few things up. Like with the Noda family. They are more than happy to not only answer your questions but cook with you, let you see their home, and explore their neighborhood.

You may have already been to all the famous sites in Japan but perhaps your host has a hidden gem to share? Like Katsue here. She also has some friends who she can introduce you to if you are interested in traditional Japanese Shibuyo dance or taiko drumming.

Good food and good people are already part of the Nagomi Visit equation. There is so much in store for you and all you need to do is communicate directly to your host as if talking to a good friend.

Like the Asaba family says, "We are looking forward to meeting you."

Happy Nagomi Visiting to you!