Don’t believe what we say about Nagomi Visit, believe the blogs


Still trying to figure out whether or not Nagomi Visit is for you? Let the blogs speak for themselves!

Here is the start of a roundup of various posts we found around the internet in various languages talking about their Nagomi Visit experiences.

Though we don’t edit any of the testimonials or reviews shared on our website, thought these blog posts will be more convincing since it is visually obvious we have no control over these posts. So here it goes, starting with a few English blog posts.

First, the English Nagomi Visit Reviews

We’ve actually had travel writers, journalists of all sorts write on their personal blogs of their experiences and this is one of them. Here is another example of a photographer sharing her experience with her breathtaking pictures.

Reviews by expats and students living in Japan

We have had expats and students studying abroad in Japan who decided to participate in Nagomi Visits simply because it’s just a good way to start immersing yourself into the culture.

"Nagomi Visit is a must-do if you’re living in Japan," she says. Here is a comprehensive post from a lovely participant who actually lived in Japan at the time.

Thoughts on Nagomi Visits in Osaka and beyond

Here are just a few written by guests who participated in our various other locations besides Tokyo. This first one is from a Nagomi experience in Osaka.

"Another highlight was our Nagomi visit organised by my sister inlaw. It was such a fun occasion, getting an insight into Japanese people’s home and cooking. A snippet of their lives, really. If you’re ever going to Japan, please do make sure you get to do it too! For the whole 3 hours we were there, I smiled the whole entire time. The experience authenticated my trip, if that makes sense?”

Here is another from some great people who visited hosts in Nagoya.

“I had a special treat for dinner tonight as I was hosted by the Saitoh's at their home. They are part of a host programme, Nagomi Visit, and would host dinner (and share their love for Nagoya and Japan) to tourists in Nagoya. They are an absolutely lovely and friendly couple. If you're looking for a friend away from home, look no further!”

“Dinner was a delicious meal with tempura, rice steamed with other ingredients, miso soup, salad and konyaku, all expertly prepared by Sadame! I had so much fun chatting with them, and time just flew by. Meeting them felt like catching up with old friends I haven't met in a while. Jokes, conversation and laughter filled our time together, and I think I will have sore cheeks tomorrow from laughing too much.”

There are many, many others just like the following but we will stop around here as I think you get the point by now!

"For dinner we went to a Nagomi visit where a local family lets you visit their houses and cooks you homestyle Japanese food for dinner. Our family cooked us Oden which is a type of vegetable and fish stew. I highly recommend doing this if you come to Japan."

What it's like to Cooking Visit

Lastly, here is another review of our Cooking Visit program. The great thing about this write up is that it represents a lot of the comments we receive from people these days. Since we have been running this program a couple of years, we are getting a lot of people participating again every time they come to Japan. Other’s like the following couple here are hearing about Nagomi Visit from the grapevine which is very exciting.

"Our friends Rob and Aly recommended this organization for an in-home cooking lesson, and we’re really happy we took their advice. Not only do you get to learn some new skills and ingredients and enjoy a delicious meal, you also get a structured conversation with a local who can guide you during your stay."

Japanese Reviews (some with English translations)

This is a great post by one of our hosts that is both in Japanese and English so you can get a sense of what our hosts are like.

All these four blog are all in Japanese but is a wonderful example of how the Nagomi Visit host network is growing all across Japan and how we are now able to share local family traditions from various regions of Japan.

This last one isn't written by a participant but is by a hostel employ who wrote about Nagomi Visit on their blog after hearing about our program from a guest from Australia that participated in a Nagomi Visit.

Reviews in various languages (including video)

Here is a video by a past guest from Russia of her Nagomi Visit. The Nagomi part starts around 8 minutes 17 seconds. This is the blog post that goes with the video. Here we have a very comprehensive review in Dutch with pictures, a Japan travel guide in Dutch which includes details about a Nagomi Visit...the list seriously can go on and on if we include everything so here is just a quick roundup!

If you have any blog posts to share with us or anything, we look forward to hearing from you!