Best places for foodies to buy souvenirs in Tokyo


This is an ongoing list of places we think are good alternatives to go shopping for souvenirs who are looking for something a bit different than obvious answers like Kappabashi Street, though we do like Kama Asa Shoten.

1. Wise Wise Tools (Mid Town, Roppongi Station)

At Wise Wise Tools, you will find traditional dinner and kitchenware in their store in Mid Town Galleria 3F in Roppongi. There are other stores on the same floor that sell traditional Japanese items of various price ranges so be sure to check the area out. Though there will be a few things where you would be too scared to check the price tag such as inside The Cover Nippon, at least you will be away from anything kitsch. Don't forget the other floors too like the basement where you will find Sake shop Fukumitsuya, Toraya, and Kayanoya where are food places for a foodie since you will be able to buy great sake, confectioneries, and good quality dashi stock.

2. D47 Design Travel Store (Hikarie, Shibuya Station)

At the D47 Design Travel Store on the 8th floor of the Hikarie building in Shibuya, you will find food, dinnerware, kitchenware from all 47 prefectures in Japan. The store is small so make sure to also check out the 5th floor where you will find U.Q. and CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" on the 4th floor for more household goods, and the basement floors of the Hikarie building where there is a upscale Meidi-ya supermarket. Another place to check out while you are in the Shibuya area would be Tokyu Foodshow also near the JR Shibuya Station where you will find a great supermarket in the basement where you might be able to grab some groceries like gourmet soy sauces, miso paste, and more. On the same floor is Wayoshu where they sell sake, and for those who are looking for good mirin, here is your place.

3. Kitte Marunouchi (Kitte, Tokyo Station)

At Kitte just outside of Tokyo Station you will find many stores such as Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" among other places on the 4th floor that sell a variety of household goods that put a modern twist to traditional Japanese kitchenware and more. There are also other recommended stores such as Floyd on the 3rd floor, Spiral Market on the 1st floor and confectionery stores on the first and basement.

4. Chabara Aki-oka Marche (Akihabara Station)

Near 2k540, a line of boutiques under railway tracks, you will find Chabara Aki-oka Marche, a whole store dedicated to featuring foods from all over Japan.

5. Katakana (Jiyugaoka Station)

Katakana is not exactly a place to find foodie related stuff but if you like home accessories, design, this is a fun place to check out too. Plus the neighborhood is one step outside of your typical tourist route and into residential areas so it's a nice place to explore. Don't forget to stop by the many confectionery stores you will see on the streets like Feve near the station.