10 Ways to Enjoy a Nagomi Visit


Here are the many ways past participants have enjoyed their Nagomi Visits.

1. Participate with friends and family

Many of our guests participate as a couple, with friends, or family members. It's definitely an activity people of all ages seem to agree on.


2. Go solo

Enjoy it solo! If you are traveling alone and striking up a random conversation at a local izakaya bar seems a bit too far fetched, Nagomi Visit is a great alternative. If you are participating solo, you have the advantage of being able to speak one-on-one with the host so it's your opportunity to ask all your Japan related questions. Don't be shy!


3. Try new foods

We hope everyone will be discovering something new during their Nagomi Visit but if there is something in particular you want to learn more about, such as macrobiotic home cooking, it doesn't hurt to look for a host that matches your interest!


4. Cook with your host

Learn how to make dishes like gyoza dumplings, battered takoyaki octopus snacks, savory okonomiyaki pancakes, and more. It will just be like learning to cook with a friend so the environment will be relaxed and casual.


5. Stop by a nearby supermarket with your host

Your host will be able to show you food and ingredients they love and eat everyday. If you have something in particular you are looking for, your host might also be able to help.


6. Meet more than one host

Many participants are going on multiple Nagomi Visits to learn more about Japan. Sometimes in just one city or multiple cities with the most popular combination being 1 host in the greater Tokyo area and 1 in one of the Kansai area cities such as Osaka or Kyoto. But remember, there are many hosts all around Japan so make sure to check our coverage!

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7. Experience rural Japan

Though we setup guests with hosts who are within an hour reach from wherever they are staying, some people opt to visit a little further out to experience a different side of the city. Many are surprised with the real local scenery found just outside the city center.


8. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary

We have seen so many celebrations go on throughout the months! For birthdays many hosts and guests work together to surprise a friends or family member. There are also times when the host just goes ahead to plan a small surprise for the guest. Everything goes so just use your imagination and you can do some amazing things!


9. Plan activities

Sometimes the hosts suggest activities or you can too. This may be going to a local park, showing how to do origami, pretty much anything to add a bit more fun. Want to learn some kendama tricks? Just ask.


10. Meet again

The beauty of the Nagomi Visit is that although the visit itself lasts 2-3 hours, it's an opportunity to make a promise to meet again. Whether it is a few days later while you are still in Japan or if the hosts is visiting your home country.

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