Making Original Kyaraben with Nagomi Visit


We made original kyaraben character bento box with Elizabeth who come from USA and Ai who come from Japan on last Wednesday.

First of all, started to make Tofu meatballs with teriyaki sauce.The teriyaki sauce made by same amount of Soy sauce, sugar, Sake and Mirin which the sweet cooking sake. It's easy to remember isn't it?

They fried meatballs with big smile!

From this time we prepared apron for each participants. The color is beige and black and the Japanese taste pattern on the pockets.So you don't have to bring anything when join our cooking program!

Second step was making the character, it's a main event of the program :)I have a sample but participants can make it as absolutely original face with Nori seaweed.

Elizabeth made a eyebrow of Picachu, it's a very manlike. Nice!

She said she would like to join again when her friend come to Tokyo or another cooking program offered.

I updated the comments from participants who joined our cooking program, please check it.

Note: Nagomi Visit no longer offers these bento cooking classes but in our current Nagomi Visits you can cook together with our hosts.