Create unforgettable memories with a family in Japan

NAGOMI VISIT is a 2 or 3 hour long homestay program where family travelers like you can meet locals over a homecooked lunch or dinner. Meet family friends during your trip in Japan that will last a lifetime.

Cook Japanese food with your host

Try new Japanese foods beyond sushi

Learn how to fold origami after dinner

Visit the neighborhood supermarket and get snack recommendations

Try on traditional Japanese clothes

Continue to keep in touch as family friends even after the Nagomi Visit

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What happens on a Nagomi Visit?

Before the Nagomi Visit

1. Send a Request

Once you know your family trip itinerary, start sending requests to find a host. You can go on Nagomi Visits all over Japan.

2. Choose a Host

Find the perfect host family you and the kids will enjoy meeting.

3. Communicate With Your Host

Once you have complete your booking, build trust between you and your host by communicating before the Nagomi Visit. This will be the perfect time to ask for tips on family travel in Japan.

Visiting Your Host

Meet host at station

Your host will meet you at the nearest station to their home. Since you’ve already communicated with them before the visit you will feel like meeting old friends.

Go to their home together

The journey to their home is also an experience in itself. You are no longer a tourist but living like a local meeting a neighbor. It will be a great time for the kids to start bonding. Don’t hestitate to start asking questions and learn more about your host and Japan.

Connect through homecooking

Enjoy a homecooked meal with your host. This is your opportunity to learn about daily life in Japan. You can also check with your host beforehand if you want to clearify details about the meal to be sure your kids can also enjoy.

Goodbye, but not goodbye forever!

An average Nagomi Visit is about 2 or 3 hours so it is a great introduction to Japanese daily life. In general your Nagomi Visit is over when you finish eating unless there is anything else you planned with your host. Time will fly and eventually you will need to say your goodbyes, but the goodbye will not be forever.

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Over 1000 families have enjoyed Nagomi Visits with their kids.

Guest families are saying:

We were fortunate to meet such a lovely family. We really enjoyed the conversation, all the experencies exchanging, and of course, Kaho's singing! It was a honour to be with this beautiful Japanese family.

Marcos from Brazil

Host families are saying:

Becoming Nagomi Visit hosts is our way of giving back to the many locals who were kind to us when we lived and traveled abroad. We also saw it as an opportunity for everyone in our family to expand our horizons by meeting people all across the globe.
This time we welcomed a family from Germany with their almost 2 year old son. We discussed cultural differences and similarities between Germany and Japan, but we were all most passionate about talking about child rearing, nursery school, how to overcome kids during their rebellious stages, and shared tips on how to get our kids to eat their veggies. Since the kids were both around the same age they were both having lots of fun from start to finish.

Rie from Tokyo

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Why Nagomi Visit is fun for the whole family

All hosts want to cultivate a relationship with you

  • Nagomi Visit is a non-profit organization and not an online marketplace. Our goal is for you to meet that friend or family you haven't met.
  • 300 of our 600 hosts all across Japan are families with kids. Our hosts are members of our nonprofit because they want the whole family, including their kids, to expand their horizons and learn about the world from you.

Everyone chooses who they want to meet

  • Since creating meaningful connections is our goal as an organization, we at Nagomi Visit have created a system where both hosts and guests actively choose who you want to meet.
  • It is important to us that hosts and guests have meaningful conversations and continue to do so after the Nagomi Visit.

Build trust before you arrive

  • You will be able to contact your host directly with any questions or concerns.
  • Get to know your host before meeting them so you won’t feel like you are meeting for the first time on the day of the visit.

Make the experience valuable

  • The hosts will be ready to make you comfortable and share their Japan. But they are also volunteering because they want to learn from you.
  • The Nagomi experience is most enjoyable when the whole family knows that is it not a one-way street and everyone is excited to share!

Traveling as a family has special challenges.
Hope we can address your concerns.

How about safety?

All Nagomi Visit hosts are required to provide information such as their address, family profile, and reasons for wanting to host which is reviewed by the Nagomi Visit team. Everyone is also required to pay a membership fee to show their commitment to our values and cause as a nonprofit.

Additionally, once the Nagomi Visit booking has been completed you will be able to contact the host directly. You are also more than welcome to contact the Nagomi Visit team if you have any questions or concerns about your host.

Bringing kids on public transportation

All our hosts live within 60 mins from the station you choose. We also make sure that the hosts are all accessible by train and within maximum 2 train transfers. Your host will also be meeting you at the station near their home so no need to worry about trying to find their home.

The host family will also be a great resource in letting you know the best way travel to their home with kids so be sure to contact them directly after your Nagomi Visit booking is complete.

How kids can have fun

When sending a request we encourage you to include that you would like the host kids to be of similar age. Many of our past participants have told us that their kids did not need to be able to communicate through language to enjoy themselves. Many have had fun playing together so we hope you take this opportunity to relax and enjoy yourselves too.

Kid-friendly meals

There are many hosts who can prepare kid-friendly meals. If they have any allergies, be sure to include those details in your request as there are many hosts who will be more than happy to do their best to accommodate.

Time too late for the kids?

Since the default time to meet your host at the station for a Nagomi Visit is set to 12PM for lunch and 6PM for dinner, one popular option is to meet at lunch. We also recommend including in your request that you would like to meet at an earlier time and leave at a specific time so you will be back at your accommodation in time to put your kids to bed. Many of our hosts will be understanding as they too may want to do the same.

What is the cost?

Price per person is 3,500 yen. Children under 5 are free.

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Get started now and receive a list of potential hosts

1. Send Request to Find Host

Start by filling out our host request form. This form is the most important step so take your time. Where do you want to Nagomi Visit? When? Who’s coming? Describing in detail who you are to our hosts. Any hobbies? The more personalized details, the better the response. The latest you can send a request is 72 hours before your requested date and time.

2. Receive Host Offers

You will receive email notifications if they are interested in meeting you and available on the dates you suggested. First, read the host profile and see who they are, what they do, where they live. Then get to know your hosts better by responding to their messages.

3. Book within 72 Hours

If you are interested in meeting the host, make sure to book and complete payment within 72 hours. Each offer expires exactly after 72 hours with no extensions. Can’t accept an offer? Not a problem. Decline the offer by sending them a quick message showing your appreciation.

4. Continue Communication with Hosts

Communication is key to an enjoyable Nagomi Visit so continue to chat with the hosts until the day of your Nagomi Visit.

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Meeting people for the first time may seem a bit awkward but the Nagomi Visit Team will give you the information you need to make the process not just easy but worthwhile so you can truly connect with your host.

Megumi Kusunoki, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Megumi worked in many areas of tourism before founding Nagomi Visit in 2011. She is a former scuba diving instructor, tour operations manager, and marketing sales manager for online Japan resource She has also worked as a cooking instructor at a well known nationwide cooking school.

Alisa Sanada, Chief Operating Officer

Alisa’s passion for cultural understanding comes from her unique background as a Japanese American from Texas. She launched an internationally recognized website on Japanese culture in high school called Real Japan, worked in the web industry promoting Japanese products and tourism, and traveled to more than 70 countries.

Akiko Yamagami, Operations Coordinator

In all her professional life, Akiko has been connecting people through food. From handling imports at a trading company, to setting up international buyers with producers of traditional Japanese foods, she has extensive experience promoting Japanese cuisine and its products to people from all over the world.